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Smart Contracts on Kujira

A high-level overview of developing Smart Contracts on Kujira.

Kujira core is enabled with CosmWasm v1.2 and will support IBC-go v7. For a detailed overview of getting started with CosmWasm smart contracts, please refer to the CosmWasm Book, and other resources. Below is a short explanation of how to get your smart contracts ready for Kujira.

Getting Started

We assume that you have a working CosmWasm smart contract. In the Cargo.toml file, you must add the kujira dependency.

$ cargo add kujira


# Cargo.toml

kujira = "0.8"

Kujira has several custom messages and queries that are additions to the Cosmos SDK’ standard messages. These are defined in the kujira crate, which we discuss in later pages. We have added the crate to our contract dependencies, and now want to add the KujiraMsg types to our Response types, and KujiraQuery types to our Deps to enable the Kujira-specific message and query types.

// src/
use kujira::{KujiraMsg, KujiraQuery};

pub fn instantiate(
    deps: DepsMut<KujiraQuery>,
    env: Env,
    info: MessageInfo,
    msg: InstantiateMsg,
) -> Result<Response<KujiraMsg>, ContractError> {
    // ...

// Do the same for execute and query

We strive for maximum composability and interoperability with other smart contracts on Kujira. We implore you to do the same. If you have a protocol launching on Kujira, we recommend reading our recommended practices for smart contracts. Additionally, we have several guides for getting the most out of what Kujira core has to offer: